Monday, June 30, 2008

Quick ALA Memory

I just pop in for a day and was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff just on the exhibitor's floor. I didn't even get a chance to stop in on some of the other types of activities.


There was so much to see, do and question I've got stuff for the next three months at least. Anyway for those of you in the Colorado and Chicago areas start saving those pennies for next year's ALA convention because even you are not a librarian you can discover interesting things at the event.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

ALA Conference-First Day

Nothing can prepare you for the reality of just how big ALA's conference is. At least, for me, as a first time attendee. Even though I had an idea that it would be a huge event, just seeing the exhibits area alone was amazing. I didn't even cover 1/10 of the exhibits area today. I had been advised to bring a huge bag to conference for all you can get but I soon realized that was not sufficient. I ended up filling up about 3 bags and I had to finally say, no more! Well, that's what my shoulders said. At least, till tomorrow. One really needs a huge shopping cart for the exhibits area, in my opinion. I attended the small but incredible Diversity and Outreach Fair which was being held this afternoon located in the back of the main exhibits in the afternoon as well.

In addition, I attended two workshops. In the morning, I headed to, "We The People Picturing America: Presenting Programs in Your School or Public Library," which is sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities. This workshop I felt was quite worthwhile. For a glimpse into this program, check out Picturing America. There was even a local school librarian from Pasadena presenting at this workshop, showing how this program had been successful at her school. The second workshop that I attended in the afternoon called "New Minds, New Approaches" wasn't what I expected so I have to admit I ended up leaving after the second presenter. Ironically, quite a few people left before I did. Luckily, I had been advised in a welcoming e-mail from an assigned conference ambassador that this was okay to do and even recommended if one found the workshop wasn't meeting your expectations.

Some other highlights for today were lunching with Mary Ann Laun, her father-in-law, Daniel Haley, Eric Hansen, Jared Burton, and Diana Lopez while discussing this morning's events we had attended. I briefly saw Krista Goguen before heading to my second workshop. Classmates, Toni Rodriguez and Susan Tockgo, were also sighted today.

I'm looking forward to tonight's event, Stories for a Saturday Evening. Mary Ann mentioned that's really a wonderful event and it's not just children's stories which happens to be a yearly event.

If you're still debating whether to come down to conference, you still can register to attend workshops and/or exhibits in person. If you need more information, you can go to ALA.

Friday, June 27, 2008

PT Circulation Desk at Shatford Library

This is a part time hourly job (10-18 hrs per week) working as the face of the library at the circulation desk.

Customer service skills are a must.

Student workers/college assistants work with students to find and check out reserve items. They also check out circulation items and answer general questions that students may have.

Other Duties Include:

  • shelf-reading,

  • clearing the outside book drops,

  • keeping the circulation desk stocked with supplies,

  • preparing due-date cards,

  • shelving audio-visual materials,

  • organizing the circulation area,

  • maintaining the copy machines in working order, and other simple tasks upon request.

Students work with other student workers and college assistants at the circulation desk, but independently at times in the stacks and with the copy machines. Students must be able to lift several books at a time.


We are looking for people who are accurate, detail-oriented, hard-working, can follow through on verbal and written instructions, responsible, dependable, honest and mature. We need people who can work together as a team.

People with library experience and/or customer service experience will receive strong consideration. Students are also asked to make themselves available for as many hours as possible during library hours when they are not in class.

If you can only work during very specific windows of time, your application will not be as strongly considered.

If interested, please contact Eric Hanson (626)585-3309 or fill out an application at the circulation desk.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Few, The Proud, The Certified!

Presenting the Library Technician Class of Spring 2008


Jared P. Burton, Wonsub (Ben) Choi, Fabiane Daniels, Theresia Djuanda, Jane Gov, Jose Guzman, Fen (Annie) Liang, Brad Snowden, Breena C. West, and Talar Yeretzian.

Congratulations to all and good luck in your future career and educational paths!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Library Technician for The City of Glendora

The City of Glendora is looking for a Library Technician for duties in the Glendora Public Library.

This is an extract from the Employment Information Sheet:

The City of Glendora, “The Pride of the Foothills,” is seeking a qualified, customer service oriented individual with the ability to multi-task in performing a wide variety of technical library work.

Essential Functions:
  • Plans, organizes, and coordinates a function of the Library such as Circulation and Customer Support Services, automated computer library system, and/or Public Computer Services; trains and participates in evaluating assigned staff;
  • Maintains files and equipment; troubleshoots hardware and software problems; assists patrons in the use of catalog and library equipment; checks books in and out; handles customer complaints;
  • Places holds; registers new patrons; answers reference questions; trains subordinates to apply customer service skills that meet Department standards; monitors daily work activities of assigned staff;
  • Assumes responsibility for resolving library overdues; contacts customers, performs informative searches, negotiates problem solutions, and compiles and maintains required patron records; schedules staff to provide adequate staff support for various library activities;
  • Supervises the work of hourly employees and volunteers; leads the work of assigned staff in the completion of work assignments; schedules meeting space reservations...
Other Points of Interests:

Salary Range: $2,805 - $3,410 Per Month, with 26 pay periods per year.
Residency Requirement: All General employees must have and maintain a permanent primary residence within 65 miles or less of Glendora City Hall.

To Apply:

Download and complete the Glendora Employment Application. You can also go in person to the Glendora City Hall located at 116 East Foothill Boulevard or by calling the 24-hour Job Line at (626) 914-8206.

You must return the application in person or by mail. The deadline to apply is 5:00pm July 7, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thank You From Mrs. Kim

Hi All Friends,

My boss, my colleagues and all my students blessed me this month of June for sending me messages through e-mail, blog, and nominating me as one of the 12 BEST Teacher Award for my retirement. Every occasion was overwhelming!

Mrs. Kim's Farewell Party

Yesterday at my retirement party, more than forty students came with good wishes, cards, gifts, flowers,... and your smiles. It looked like a reunion for the Library Technology Program.

Some already became librarians with MLS, some are starting MLS programs this fall, and many of you found your niches in libraries.

I was very happy to hear all of your success stories. Your successes are also PCC's successes as well as mine. I felt like that I became your friends and mother to look after you.

I'll not say a farewell because I'll still watch you all grow. Let's get in touch! Krista and Mary Ann will take a good care of you if you have any consultation needs.

You're in good hands with Mary Ann and Krista.

So long!

Joanne Kim
Retiring Coordinator of LT Program
Pasadena City College

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mrs. Kim's Farewell Party

It was great to see everyone at Mrs. Kim's Farewell party. These are a few of the snaps that I was able to get uploaded.

JK and Students

This is Mrs. Kim with some of her former students.

Jitka and Jenifer

This is Jitka and Jenifer who usually is the mastermind when it comes to putting these events together.

Krista and Breena

And this is Krista and Breena.

I spoke with Mrs. Kim and she said that she is looking forward to starting her Watercolor class and exploring her creative side.

More later.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dr. Loopy on American Idle - Information Resources

Ok, I promise to go outside but I couldn't let this one go. Imagine, if you will a televised competition to find the best resource to help users find information resources.

Will it be Google, Your Uncle or the Librarian?

Watch "Randy", "Paula" and some guy named "Simon" try to figure this out.

KOCE Copyright For Educators Videos

It seems that issues of copyright and fair use keep forcing me to pay attention to how copyright affects libraries, users, bloggers and businesses. So I keep an eye out for any resource that can help explain the rules of the game


I found this KOCE TV series on TeacherTube and you can view them in the Flash video format.

There is a supporting web site Orange County Public Television's page at The video on the web site are in the Windows WMV format

The focus of the program is teaching copyright issues to teachers, administrators and board members and other folk that are involved with education. There is solid information in the videos. Content-wise, I have no complaints.

But...well, it is a living example of "Death by PowerPoint." It is extremely static. The host is moving and shifting from side to side but my goodness it is visually dry. The topics are in a bullet lists and there are very few photo or visual examples of what the guy is talking about.

Now the host did say in the introduction video that the program was geared to those in education. But teachers are human too. With all the talent and creativity in the Los Angeles and Orange county areas all teachers get is Voice + PowerPoint?

I tried listening to it and not watching the video. Didn't miss a thing. So stylistically I give it a raspberry. I have to give it another raspberry because I couldn't see where it was captioned or closed captioned. and there is no transcript available on the website.

I'm learning that captions and transcripts are not just for hearing impaired folks. In certain work situations you can see video but don't have speakers. Or you can't view the video in a certain format.

I also recognize that I'm a hypocrite about this topic so I take back my raspberry. Anyway, it is a good information resource and you should check it out.

Pat's Asterisk - A Woman's Life In Library Time

If you ask most people what is in a library the first word is books. That is understandable because yes, libraries tend to have a lot of books. But the books are the physical container of ideas of the people that wrote them.

The people inside of a library are the caretakers of thoughts, information and connections to people around the world. Sometimes we forget about how the books change us.


Pat's Asterisk is a relatively new blog. Pat writes about what happens in her day at the library, how the current flooding in Cedar Rapids is causing her to reflect on just how much she loves "the library" and the elusiveness of common sense at some of the hotels in Washington, D.C.

Pat also writes about what day or week it is. May 24 was National Tiara day. There are days when things don't go so well and other days seem like a blessing to her.

I enjoyed reading her blog and hope that she continues to write her thoughts about how her life and library intertwine.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Joanne Kim's Retirement Party

I'm hitting myself with a wet noodle but most of you know that we are giving Mrs. Kim is having a Retirement party on June 19, 2008 from 5 - 7pm.

Please RSVP if you have not done so, we want to make sure that we have room for all who like to attend. The party will be in the Terrace Room.

This is also a reminder that the tribute blog has been set up for students and staff to post their thoughts and wished at

Monday, June 09, 2008

Nampa Public Library Removes Joy of Sex

On Friday June 3, 2008 The Library Board of the Nampa Public Library voted to remove two visual sex dictionaries, The New Joy of Sex and The Joy of Gay Sex of the shelves. As originally reported in the Idaho Statesman they also voted to restrict access to minors any material that has graphic sexual representation.

Patrons 18 years of age or older would have to request the materials which are now located in the Library Director's office.

This is not the first time that the library has had to contend with sexually explicit books. The First Amendment Center has an article from June 2006 where the library decided to physically move 60 books with sexual topics to the highest shelf to prevent youngsters from viewing the content.

Not everyone thinks that this is a bad idea. An editorial in the Idaho Examiner considers the books the equivalent of pornography, supports the mayor who appointed the Library Board members who voted to remove and thinks that there should be restrictions on the type of books that libraries and school personnel can select for public and educational viewing. The conservative online publication World Net Daily also supported the removal of the books.

The American Library Association has quite a bit of information concerning censorship, patron rights, and respecting access to information.

Additional JPL Library Technician Position

There is yet another JPL position that Mrs. Kim is passing onto the group mind. Please pay attention to the specific application instructions at the bottom of this post.

Library Clerk Specialist within the Library, Archives, and Records Section responsible for providing efficient interlibrary loan and document delivery service to the JPL community using OCLC and the ILLiad and Ariel automated systems.
  • Receive, process, and distribute incoming interlibrary loan materials in both paper and electronic formats.
  • Fulfill interlibrary loan requests from other libraries. Report copies received from unsubscribed journals and process royalty payments.
  • Produce metrics reports. Additionally, review incoming records storage and retrieval requests and resolve problems.
  • Assign retention periods to records. Track records in storage to determine eligibility for destruction, obtain relevant approvals, and maintain supporting documentation. Also serve customers at busy library, archives, and records support desk. Maintain desk procedures.
  • Shelve books and periodicals.
  • Produce weekly report of activities. Record workload statistics and report them monthly. Support Group, Section, and Division team efforts.
Required Skills:

Typically requires an Associate degree or equivalent experience with 3+ years directly related experience in library, archives or records.
  • Ability to use automated bibliographic tools and/or online systems.
  • Ability to maintain complex electronic and manual files.
  • Ability to use personal computer applications for word processing, web publishing, document scanning, email, calendaring, and spreadsheets.
  • Ability to organize work to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • Ability to unpack large boxes of books and records, sort them, and maneuver loaded book carts.
  • Excellent communication skills with ability to maintain harmonious relations with customers and coworkers.
Application Procedures:

Interested candidates should apply online at JPL's career site: and the requisition number 7672 on their application. You should also email a copy your resume directly to Barbara J. Amango to ensure timely consideration.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lifesavers for Finals?

For those of you that had Library 101 with Ann Dallavalle, you may remember her passing out those Lifesaver Pep O Mints when we took our midterm and final. The reason being is she had said peppermint is known for being a brain stimulant.

I did a little research on my own along with asking Ann where she found out about this. I have to admit it wasn't easy finding information about this interesting and useful fact. Most sites or articles that talked about the benefits of peppermint didn't list that. So I'm assuming it's not a very well-known fact.

If you're interested in reading what she found for yourself, here's the source:

The Goodness of Peppermint

One of the articles I found in the PCC library databases (which unfortunately cannot be linked here) talks about smelling peppermint but I'm not sure that's very helpful for us in class. I did see that it helps with stress and tension as well. Whether it truly works or not, it certainly can't help to stock up on those peppermint candies for studying and taking your finals.

Good luck to you all!

More 105 Cataloging Help - Kinda, Sorta

Saturday. Friday is before Saturday and Saturday is the day of the Cataloging Final. To those about to take the test we salute you and are glad we are on the other side of it.

I know I was pitiful. I was mumbling AACR2 left and right. That blankety blank punctuation drove me nuts. I still can see my classmates. Binders full of notes and marked up AACR2. We came prepared but most of us had our doubts of seeing daylight ever again. People shaking their heads in despair, others kept the mantra going, "It is ok, it will be alright."

But I have to tell you, that stuff comes in handy in ways you do not expect. I am very glad that I took the class. But I was sweating bullets each and every week.

The Short Version:
  • Review Your Notes, Exam Questions and AACR2
  • Tell your loved ones to bug off - this is serious business.
  • Get some sleep, eat a great dinner and sleep with your (paper) notebook.
Other Resources:

In addition to the other cataloging links that you can find by looking for the word cataloging in the sidebar, I have a few more hopefully helpful study tips.

There is a OSU Power Point presentation that is a review of AACR2 Chapter 12. If you can't view or download PPT's you can look at an HTML generated copy of Chapter 12.

I was thinking that there might be a few resources at Google Books that could be helpful. Like for example the meaning of the word "imprint"? The Dictionary of Library and Information Science might be of interest to you, especially page 351.

This is a partial preview. The whole book is not available. But you might find what you need to help you understand what bibliographic control is which may or may not be on page 69.

I did find some library specific glossaries, AACR2 Definition of Terms, An AACR2 record description list and Abbreviations for Place of Publication

Good luck and deep breaths.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Congratulations to Jared Burton

Jared Burton was just hired as a new library technician at Shatford Library.


Jared is just finishing his classes in the program but he is a full time staff member at the library. High five and and a woot!, woot!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Every Day is a Different Day

When I first started working on the Library Student Task Force, I feared a possibility of getting bored with my job due to its basic simplicity. I can say that my fears were unfounded as I discovered quickly that every day is truly different at my job. Although, I have the same schedule and tasks every day, every week, there are factors that make it different.

All the new faces I see every day amidst the familiar students studying in their favorite spots throughout the library. I come across different books every single day which broadens my view of the literary world-fiction and non-fiction. I have to confess it's really hard sometimes not to want to sit down and go through the books I come across but alas, I must wait till my shift is over. Sometimes I put books aside on my book truck to look at later and/or check out or just make note of the book's catalog number to find at another time.

Different questions get posed every single day from patrons whether they're students, staff, or visitors. I daresay the most unexpected question I got from a student was when a girl asked me if it was okay to take a class for fun. This happening the second week on the job!

I am now used to getting questions about:

  • Where are the restrooms located?
  • Can you print from the catalog search computers?
  • Where can you get the print-out?
  • What are the most books you can check out?
  • Do you have to reserve the study rooms to use them?
  • What are the hours of the library?
  • Where are there more computers with internet access besides the few on the third floor?
  • Where can I check out books?
  • Where can I find this book?
  • Where are these type of books located?
  • Where can I use or plug in my laptop?
And the list goes on. Most of these I can easily answer but some I must refer to our trusty reference librarians.

It's a never-ending cycle in the library. Books in, books out. I pick up the same books day after day for re-shelving. While it might seem that would be annoying, I love finding out what the "popular" books are with the students and what their interests are.

You can also tell where we are in the semester usually by what books and materials are being used the most. Lately, all the signs of people doing papers for English or other classes has been quite obvious as we've gotten closer to the end of the semester due to an increase of activity in the 800s.

The side projects such as book shifting and re-balancing along with cleaning that gets tackled in the library also helps keep things from becoming dull.

So for a meager salary as some would say, I find I'm gaining worthwhile experience in an entertaining environment. Did I mention all that I see that happens in the library as I work? That's a post for another day, folks!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Alhambra School District - 2 Library Aide Positions

These positions will not begin till the Fall 2008-2009 school year but these are excellent opportunities to get some experience in the school library setting. They are both part-time positions. The filing date is June 12, 2008.

Job Description:

5 hours per day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) $873 - $1,063 per month - Fremont Elementary

2 hours per day (Monday through Friday) $574 - $699 per month - Granada Elementary / 9.3 months


Under general supervision to perform a variety of duties to assist the professional staff in the operation of a library/media center; and to do related work as required.


Knowledge of:

  • Modern office, library/media methods and equipment.

  • Library/media card catalog.

  • Correct English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

  • Ability to assist students with the use of the library/media center.

  • Keep a variety of records in connection with school library/media center.

  • Maintain discipline and order among students using the library/media center.

  • Troubleshoot and operate all equipment: TOM, copy machine, reader, printer, date machine, VCR, sound/filmstrip projector.

  • Type accurately at the rate of 30 words per minute from clear, legible copy (A typing certificate, if available, may be attached to your application for review. Typing certificates must indicate a 5 minute test and include an authorized signature.)

  • Develop and maintain cooperative relationship with those contacted during the course of work.

  • Understand and carry out oral and written directions.


One year of responsible and appropriate library/media center volunteer; or one year of paid Instructional Aide. Education: Equivalent to the completion of twelfth grade. Desirable Qualifications: Clerical experience in a school library. Experience with current school automated library systems.


Applications are a critical part of the examination process. Completeness and neatness of the application will be included in the rating of the candidate’s qualifications for the position.All applications must be received no later than 4:30 p.m. on the final filing date. Postdated applications are not acceptable. Submit application with a copy of your typing certificate, if available to:

Alhambra Unified School District
Human Resources Division
Classified Department
15 W. Alhambra Road, Room 108
Alhambra, CA 91801.

You can apply on-line at along with a typing certificate (if available) attached or go to Alhambra School District and print out an application to take in person or mail.

Pasadena Public Library - Library Page

While it may seem like a lot involved in applying for this entry level library page job, keep in mind that getting one of these positions in the Pasadena Public Library system is not easy. For those that were on board the Library 102 class field trip to the Pasadena Central Library, remember that we heard from Susan Poster that they prefer to promote from within before hiring outside their organization. Many a library page has moved up the ranks.

You'll need to hurry for this one as the filing date is June 5, 2008 though it also says the first 60 applications. I admit it's a bit confusing but either way, in my opinion, that doesn't leave one much time.

Job Description:

Page positions are part-time (19.5 hrs/wk maximum). Work schedules are varied, including any combination of day, evening and weekend. Some Page positions may require a valid Class C driver's license or alternative transportation if the job duties require work assignments at or to different job sites.

Job Title: Library Page
Duration: At Will - Temporary
Salary: $9.83 - $11.54 hourly
Job Type: CTW
Location: City of Pasadena, California

MUST APPLY ON LINE. Open until 60 applications have been received.

Pasadena Public Library

Thoughts About Library Customer Service

Sometimes you have a really bad day. Sometimes you have a bad day and you have a person with really poor social skills demanding your attention.

Sometimes you want to take your fist and deliver a therapeutic one-two punch to help that person come to their senses. I can't do that. For one thing I can't throw a proper punch. The second reason is that I suspect it is against the rules and quite possibly the law.

I repeat, don't hit the doofus. This does not mean that you can't protect yourself from the hostile, the hoity or the clueless.

Good customer service skills can help you gain control over ourself so that you don't allow yourself to get amped by professionally rude people. So this is just a brief survey of some of the resources you can use to build up your customer service muscles.

This is a video that demonstrates a problem library customer and the techniques on how to handle the situation. At the end of the video there are four written tips on the skills used to handle the patron.

Here is my real world example.

I was in a recently in situation trying to help a person. The client felt that I was not helping fast enough. "Why can't you just do it!" she barked. "Why are you asking these questions. I don't have time for this, just get me what I want."

Kinda hard to do when you don't know what she wants and she barely has a clue. I finally get it out of her and hand her the correct document to sign. The woman snatches it out of my hands, signs it and flung the pen across the desk.

I wish I could tell you I did a good job of delivering what she asked for. I didn't I was more focused on getting her out of my face. Intellectually I understood it was not about me, the women walked in with a foul mood. But I could have done a better job of dealing with the situation.

Other Resources

I wish I would have seen the video on how to handle Abusive Customers from Pam at Expert Village on YouTube. There was a segment of how to deal with verbally or physically abusive customers.

Steve over at has a nice 20 item list on some of the things to think about when trying to keep customers happy.

And finally Jim from All gives a concise, easy to understand video outline on how to listen and provide services to an irate customer.