Sunday, June 15, 2008

KOCE Copyright For Educators Videos

It seems that issues of copyright and fair use keep forcing me to pay attention to how copyright affects libraries, users, bloggers and businesses. So I keep an eye out for any resource that can help explain the rules of the game


I found this KOCE TV series on TeacherTube and you can view them in the Flash video format.

There is a supporting web site Orange County Public Television's page at The video on the web site are in the Windows WMV format

The focus of the program is teaching copyright issues to teachers, administrators and board members and other folk that are involved with education. There is solid information in the videos. Content-wise, I have no complaints.

But...well, it is a living example of "Death by PowerPoint." It is extremely static. The host is moving and shifting from side to side but my goodness it is visually dry. The topics are in a bullet lists and there are very few photo or visual examples of what the guy is talking about.

Now the host did say in the introduction video that the program was geared to those in education. But teachers are human too. With all the talent and creativity in the Los Angeles and Orange county areas all teachers get is Voice + PowerPoint?

I tried listening to it and not watching the video. Didn't miss a thing. So stylistically I give it a raspberry. I have to give it another raspberry because I couldn't see where it was captioned or closed captioned. and there is no transcript available on the website.

I'm learning that captions and transcripts are not just for hearing impaired folks. In certain work situations you can see video but don't have speakers. Or you can't view the video in a certain format.

I also recognize that I'm a hypocrite about this topic so I take back my raspberry. Anyway, it is a good information resource and you should check it out.

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