Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lifesavers for Finals?

For those of you that had Library 101 with Ann Dallavalle, you may remember her passing out those Lifesaver Pep O Mints when we took our midterm and final. The reason being is she had said peppermint is known for being a brain stimulant.

I did a little research on my own along with asking Ann where she found out about this. I have to admit it wasn't easy finding information about this interesting and useful fact. Most sites or articles that talked about the benefits of peppermint didn't list that. So I'm assuming it's not a very well-known fact.

If you're interested in reading what she found for yourself, here's the source:

The Goodness of Peppermint

One of the articles I found in the PCC library databases (which unfortunately cannot be linked here) talks about smelling peppermint but I'm not sure that's very helpful for us in class. I did see that it helps with stress and tension as well. Whether it truly works or not, it certainly can't help to stock up on those peppermint candies for studying and taking your finals.

Good luck to you all!

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