Thursday, June 05, 2008

More 105 Cataloging Help - Kinda, Sorta

Saturday. Friday is before Saturday and Saturday is the day of the Cataloging Final. To those about to take the test we salute you and are glad we are on the other side of it.

I know I was pitiful. I was mumbling AACR2 left and right. That blankety blank punctuation drove me nuts. I still can see my classmates. Binders full of notes and marked up AACR2. We came prepared but most of us had our doubts of seeing daylight ever again. People shaking their heads in despair, others kept the mantra going, "It is ok, it will be alright."

But I have to tell you, that stuff comes in handy in ways you do not expect. I am very glad that I took the class. But I was sweating bullets each and every week.

The Short Version:
  • Review Your Notes, Exam Questions and AACR2
  • Tell your loved ones to bug off - this is serious business.
  • Get some sleep, eat a great dinner and sleep with your (paper) notebook.
Other Resources:

In addition to the other cataloging links that you can find by looking for the word cataloging in the sidebar, I have a few more hopefully helpful study tips.

There is a OSU Power Point presentation that is a review of AACR2 Chapter 12. If you can't view or download PPT's you can look at an HTML generated copy of Chapter 12.

I was thinking that there might be a few resources at Google Books that could be helpful. Like for example the meaning of the word "imprint"? The Dictionary of Library and Information Science might be of interest to you, especially page 351.

This is a partial preview. The whole book is not available. But you might find what you need to help you understand what bibliographic control is which may or may not be on page 69.

I did find some library specific glossaries, AACR2 Definition of Terms, An AACR2 record description list and Abbreviations for Place of Publication

Good luck and deep breaths.

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