Monday, June 02, 2008

Pasadena Public Library - Library Page

While it may seem like a lot involved in applying for this entry level library page job, keep in mind that getting one of these positions in the Pasadena Public Library system is not easy. For those that were on board the Library 102 class field trip to the Pasadena Central Library, remember that we heard from Susan Poster that they prefer to promote from within before hiring outside their organization. Many a library page has moved up the ranks.

You'll need to hurry for this one as the filing date is June 5, 2008 though it also says the first 60 applications. I admit it's a bit confusing but either way, in my opinion, that doesn't leave one much time.

Job Description:

Page positions are part-time (19.5 hrs/wk maximum). Work schedules are varied, including any combination of day, evening and weekend. Some Page positions may require a valid Class C driver's license or alternative transportation if the job duties require work assignments at or to different job sites.

Job Title: Library Page
Duration: At Will - Temporary
Salary: $9.83 - $11.54 hourly
Job Type: CTW
Location: City of Pasadena, California

MUST APPLY ON LINE. Open until 60 applications have been received.

Pasadena Public Library

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