Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pat's Asterisk - A Woman's Life In Library Time

If you ask most people what is in a library the first word is books. That is understandable because yes, libraries tend to have a lot of books. But the books are the physical container of ideas of the people that wrote them.

The people inside of a library are the caretakers of thoughts, information and connections to people around the world. Sometimes we forget about how the books change us.


Pat's Asterisk is a relatively new blog. Pat writes about what happens in her day at the library, how the current flooding in Cedar Rapids is causing her to reflect on just how much she loves "the library" and the elusiveness of common sense at some of the hotels in Washington, D.C.

Pat also writes about what day or week it is. May 24 was National Tiara day. There are days when things don't go so well and other days seem like a blessing to her.

I enjoyed reading her blog and hope that she continues to write her thoughts about how her life and library intertwine.

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