Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Library Coordinator Position at John Burroughs High School

There is a Library Tech position open at John Burroughs High School. If you missed the e-mail announcement here are a portion of the details:
Under the direction of an assigned supervisor, provide library services related to the evaluation, acquisition, circulation, distribution and recovery of library books and reference materials at a school site. Provide general library assistance and information to students and staff. Supervise large groups of students utilizing the library during regular operating hours; work is performed independently with only occasional supervision. Subject to lifting, climbing and pushing.
For more info you should visit the Burbank Unified School District Employment website and then perform the following steps:
  1. Click on Employment on the top bar of the screen
  2. Click on classified posting just below the top bar
  3. Click on View job posting for all candidates
  4. Choose Library Coordinator.
The closing date is November 6, 2008 so get a move on and polish that resume.

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