Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quote of the Week

"Seventy million books in America's libraries, but the one you want to read is always out."- Tom Masson

Coming upon this quote made me smile, laugh and ponder. There has been many a time I've gone to the library and the very thing that I want to borrow is indeed out or perhaps not even available period. So I'm forced to find a suitable substitute if such a thing is really possible. Ultimate reading pleasure satisfaction is what I'm after usually. Though lately, I've been seeking to fulfill informational needs for various areas in my life as well.

Also, it made me think about the students that come in the elementary school library where I work that want a particular book but we don't have it or it's checked out. It's not always easy convincing a kid to find something else to read when his heart is set on a particular book. I do my best to meet this challenge though. I will admit it's helpful that usually the student's teacher will help ease this situation as well if need be.

In addition, it's something I have to deal with working at the Circulation Desk at the PCC library. Students often want a reserve textbook that is checked out by someone else exactly during the time frame they need it. It's especially can be frustrating when there is only one copy available. One way we try to deal with that situation is a having a Reserve Materials Request list. While students cannot reserve these type of materials, having such a list keeps students from monopolizing reserve items when other students need them. Other times, it could be a regular circulating book is out and we tell the student that he can put a hold on it. If we're not too busy, we'll help them put a hold on the book. We also refer them to the Reference Desk to find where they can hopefully find the wanted item at a nearby library.

Recently in a film, "How May I Help You? (Soaring to Excellence)" put out by the College of Du Page Press that we watched in LIB 103 Introduction to Circulation, a librarian spoke of how her mother stopped going into her public library due to continuously not being able to find exactly what she wanted. Of course, this is not something we as library students and/or workers like to hear, I would hope! Perhaps this was a lack of customer service on that library's part? (Incidentally, this was a film that dealt primarily with customer service in the library.)

Anyhow, I am hoping the next time I go to my public library haunt that I won't have to hunt so hard for my pressing heart's desire in reading pleasure. Though on second thought, I've found many a new favorite author when I couldn't find exactly what I wanted on my first try. So perhaps not finding exactly what one wants isn't such a bad thing as it can lead you to new books and paths.

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Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of times when a library doesn't even own the book I want to read. It takes time for a library to purchase a book just because one person wants it.

Also, while working at the Circulation Desk at PCC, there are times when a book isn't available because it is being mended. There is no definite date when the book will be available again because it depends on what kind of damage it has. Seriously damaged books might be weeded from the collection. This can prolong the wait for a patron who wants the book, assuming that it will be replaced.

All in all, when a book is not available, Inter-Library Loan is a great option. PCC has a superb ILL system!