Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Shopping at Your Local Library

Looking for great bargains on books and other items? Then look no further than your local library! Many have a little bookstore run by the Friends of the Library for that particular library. You'd be amazed at what finds you can stumble upon. I have found many very gently used or practically new books at these various bookstores right in the library for simply amazing rock-bottom prices. Granted, most people think of going to the library to borrow books. But if you're looking for books for people on your holiday shopping list or even for yourself, this can be an excellent place to start.

One place I venture a lot lately is at Pasadena Central Library since I volunteer there weekly. After doing my volunteer hours, I have been heading to their bookstore to check out what is new in their stock. Before they were only open on Saturdays, but they have recently been able to be open during the week as well for limited hours. Upon speaking with one of the volunteers, she said the best day to come in if you can is on Thursdays (which is when I volunteer!) since they re-stock the bookstore with new donations on Wednesday nights. Next week due to the holidays, the newest donations will be put out on Tuesday night and the store will be open on Wednesday, Dec. 24 which is Christmas Eve. The library will be closing at 1pm though so that doesn't leave much time. The bookstore should be open for about 2-3 hours if interested in stopping by.

Other recommended places are Glendale Central Library, Burbank Central Library, and South Pasadena Public Library. I've seen rare books for truly wonderfuly prices as well as cool coffee table books at all of these places. I have to say I've never walked out without finding something of interest in all of these places. If you have a library bookstore that you can recommend, drop a comment and let us know! I'd love to discover more worthwhile places to find wonderful books while also supporting our local libraries.

Now if you're one of those that prefer to shop online, then head to PCC's Shatford Library website and click on the Amazon link. If you use this link, a small portion of any purchase you make will be donated to the Library - at no additional cost to you!

So remember these great sources for gifts at this time of the year or any other gift giving times.

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