Monday, January 12, 2009

Reflections - Part 1

As I ponder graduating from the Library Technology Program, I can honestly say, "Never, say never." Even though I had made the decision many years ago never to come back to school unless it were purely for fun, here I have been since Fall 2007. "How did she get here?" is a question that may cross your mind.

I had known for quite some time that I needed and desired a new job, preferably an actual career. I had gotten a B.A. in English that seemed to be collecting dust while I usually worked simple data entry jobs which allowed me to do all those mom things with my kids that I wanted to. After enduring the world of medical billing which lasted a total of 6 1/2 long years, I had been tossing a few ideas in my head but none seemed the perfect fit.

Less than a month before the Fall 2007 semester began, a close friend/mentor/graduate of the PCC Lib Tech Program, Terry Cannon, knowing of my dilemna suggested that I take LIB 101 just to see if it would be something I might be interested in. Even though he admitted that he started out with Mrs. Kim's LIB 104 class, he said that LIB 101 would give me a wonderful overview of the library world. Indeed, it did but more on that later.

Naturally, I had a list of objections and obstacles. I really didn't relish the idea of homework, studying, worrying about grades, deadlines, group projects, all those things that go hand in hand with academia. But Terry persisted. He called me quite a few times to see if I had gone down to PCC to enroll and register as time was ticking away. I looked online to see how many spots were still available about two weeks before classes begun and the numbers were dwindling with every day. As you can see, I was considering it but all those obstacles!

He still had the textbook which he so kindly offered to loan me. Economics was still an issue as I really didn't have the money as a struggling single mom to pay for even one class. When a fellow co-worker found out that I was thinking about maybe going back to school too, she told me about applying for a fee waiver. Also, with my 2 kids being in college and last year of high school respectively, I felt like I had no more excuses to not at least give it a try. So I trudged down to the grounds of this community college and did all the necessary paperwork.

Was I nervous? In so many different ways! I'm glad I couldn't remember all the reasons I was so glad I was done with college the first time else I probably really wouldn't have come back. Tune back in on Wednesday, January 14 for the next installment of my reflections.

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Toni said...

You pretty much covered all the anxieties of adults returning to school after a long absence. If anyone told me 5-6 years ago that I would be in a graduate program and PCC classes, I would've LMAO!

Never say never :-D