Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reflections - Part 3

I was enjoying my first class, LIB 101, while learning a great deal in a short time as we covered what seemed a vast amount of information about the library field. Through many guest speakers from various libraries, field trips, homework, and multiple projects, I felt I was getting a solid grasp of what opportunities were out there for the taking. But questions were still haunting me.
  • Could I really get a job in the library field with my hearing loss?
  • Would someone be willing to hire me for Circulation since that's heavy customer service?
  • Should I stay in the PCC program or just go on to Graduate school?

Bravely, I shared my questions and fears with our instructor, Ann Dallavalle. She was quite patient in answering my questions and calming my fears. She told me that she didn't think my hearing loss would be a hindrance in getting a job in the field, even in an entry level job such as working at a Circulation desk. As for staying in the program, I wondered if it would be like double work and time wasted if I decided to go on to get a MLIS later. While she said the decision was ultimately mine, she did say going through the Library Tech Program at PCC would make the journey through grad school easier.

In addition, I got some additional inspiration from Jan Sanders, Library Director of Pasadena Public Library, on our field trip to their library. We were lucky enough to have her come and take some time from her busy schedule to speak with us. During our short break, she spoke with me and told me of a wonderful deaf librarian she had known years ago. This was the third deaf librarian I had heard of. Those numbers along with my confidence was growing.

I will admit even though I knew the journey was probably not going to be an easy one by any means, I decided to keep going. One thing I mentioned briefly in Part 2 was the many friends and acquaintances I have made while being in the program. Ann Dallavalle had encouraged us from day one to get to know our classmates as it may be very likely that in the future, we'd be working with each other whether on school projects or in actual jobs. In cultivating friendships with my classmates, I came to see that I wasn't so alone with my fears and everything else that came along with being back in school. And hopefully, others who go through the program will see that as well, no matter what you feel your shortcomings are or the fears you have.

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