Monday, February 23, 2009

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This happens to me every now and then. I was having a conversation with a group of people. It was totally friendly. I was explaining my concerns about the switch to digital television. One person asked me could I dumb it down for normal people.

There was laughter. I must have had my deer in the headlights look. I simplified what I had mentioned that even if you have a digital converter it may not work for a number of reasons.

Honestly, inside I felt stupid. I forgot to switch from nerd/nerdette speak to folks that don't know what a blog is or why it is important to know. It is important to be language aware of what you are saying and how you are saying it. I get so eager to share that I forget to switch modes.

Will I do it again? Heck yeah but hopefully I will pause and make sure what I am saying is going to be heard and not blocked because of the way that I am saying it.

Laughing Library Clerk

A few months back there was a comment about how some of the items that I post tend to be about technology and don't really have anything to do with the program. I have to plead guilty to my biases. However my lust for information technology really does have a lot to do with the evolving workplace known as the library.

After you leave the program you will encounter these technologies and expected to use them or learn them very quickly. There will be things that have not been invented yet but those items will impact your life and your library visitors.

So I'm doing a little happy dance when I found the Beware Of Papercuts blog. Podcasting for Libraries - yes you should know how to find podcast beyond iTunes, how to create them and why that could be a useful skill. Twitter? For sure. Tools for your cell phone? Check.

So if you have a chance check out the Laughing Library Clerk as she gives you real working examples of how to incorporate technology with providing services.

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