Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yeah, I'm Checking You Out!

When you first glance at this title, you may think I'm talking about checking out a book or even just checking you out. But alas, this humorous post has to do with checking the photos on the student IDs when people check out items here at the Shatford Library. I have to confess before taking the LIB 103 Introduction to Circulation class, I would tend to get lazy about taking the quick extra few seconds to look at the college IDs that students, faculty and staff use to check things out especially when things get crazy at the Circulation Desk. But after listening to our teacher, Eric Hanson, who is ironically also my boss, say that he certainly hoped his Circulation workers were making sure to check those student IDs, I vowed to start taking the extra time to always make sure the person using the ID in hand belonged to that individual. Upon doing so, I recently made a list of the interesting things I noticed as I really took notice of the college IDs.

The most unforgettable card that a student handed to me was truly all mangled up so it was truly hard not to check it out. Immediately, I wondered how on earth the card got in that shape. I tried not to convey any kind of expression but maybe I didn't succeed. As I was typing in his student ID number, he said that his dog had tried to eat his card. I have to confess that I wouldn't have guessed that! I did joke that his dog truly must have been hungry then. It's not as if those plastic student IDs are all that tasty.

Another time I had to look back and forth from the student and the ID card several times because the student really looked very much different from the picture. It's not often surprising to see pictures where the guy had longer hair and a beard in the picture and then currently be sporting a buzzcut and be cleanshaven or a girl has her hair in a completely different style and color. But this guy just seemed not to look like the same guy. After a few looks, I decided it was him. I was tempted to suggest maybe he needs to take a new picture since he had changed so much since his picture was taken.

Other Things Noticed

  • Many people do not like to smile for pictures.
  • Some people were so not prepared for picture day!
  • Magnetic tape falling off or completely missing so have to type in the identification number.
  • Bent cards (Perhaps kept in back pocket at one point as I've been known to do.)

I will confess I didn't think it would be much fun having to remember to look at each individual ID card when people are checking things out but it has turned out to be much more entertaining than I could have imagined. I actually look forward to checking people's id cards now when I'm on duty at the PCC Library Circulation Desk.

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