Saturday, March 28, 2009

Library Technician Dialog - When 2 LT's Blog

It is a good day when I find an active library technician/assistant blog. From Canada, Library Technician Dialog contains posts from two LT's, Brenda who has interests in professional development and Karen who works in a law firm library.

Library Technician Dialog Blog
I'm liking what I see here; Karen writes about adding value to her library job by showing her firm what a library assistant can really do for the firm. There is a joint post on how both of them apply that idea into reality.

There is a post on how Twitter can be more than just a time waste, it is a way to make or maintain contact with people in your profession. Brenda writes about the need for storytelling and public speaking skills (Yes, you do need them! No, you can't hide behind the stacks and hope people will go away.) She also writes about Wikis and a few Wiki options.

For those of you that asked for more relevant LT/LA information that matches what you are learning or what you might experience on the job, here you go. Make time to visit, it is worth it.

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Karen said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! Brenda and I hope we can bring some discussion to the LT world.