Monday, March 02, 2009

Track Library Jobs Using RSS and Google Reader

This is another way to subscribe to LISJobs via RSS but this time using Google Reader. The concept is the same as with Bloglines but for some folks it might be much easier. Or not.

Step 1 - Getting the RSS feed from LISJobs

You can move you mouse pointer on top of the hyperlink address. This link contains the actual code that you can copy into Google Reader or any RSS Reader.

LISJobs RSS Link

It looks like and you can see it at the bottom of your browser window. The RSS in the web address tells the RSS Reader where to find the RSS feed code for the website or blog.

Step 2 - Copy The RSS Feed Code

The next step is to copy the RSS Feed Code. For Windows and Linux users click your second mouse button to bring up the context menu. You want to select "Copy Link Location."

Copy Link Location Menu
Macintosh users, I confess it has been awhile since I've touched a Mac; I think you have something similar, either by mouse or a keyboard function.

Step 3 - Google Reader

Next, glide over to Google Reader. If you have a Google account you can go to your subscription page. At the top of the page is the Add A Subscription button.

Google Subscription

Step 4 - Add The Subscription

Click that button and you will see the image below. You can paste the code in the box. Now if the website or blog only has one feed you can type in the web address and Google Reader will find the RSS code for you.

Add Feed Area There are some websites that have multiple RSS feeds for various areas of interest. I think it is better just to get the feed that you want as oppose to having Google Reader ferret out a bunch of them.

The lamb has shaken his tail and this is what you should see:

Sucessfull Message
You now can track the job positions from a centralized place. You can customize Google Reader to show you the entire post or just show you the titles that will link back to the original site.

So it doesn't matter if you are at home, school or in the library you can track potential job listings from a number of sources. This can save you time and frustration. Good luck and on with the search!

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