Thursday, April 09, 2009

Missing in Action

It didn't seem that much time had passed since I last posted. But lo and behold, it's been over a month. For those of you that haven't seen me around, I've been busy with my other 2 part-time jobs, 3 classes, starting up two new programs at a local library, tackling grad school applications and more.

For the first month of this semester, I've been working extra shifts here at the PCC Library. In the past due to my schedule, I wasn't able to work extra shifts especially during the first two weeks of the semester. Since I was finally available, I felt I should help out as needed. I've also put in extra time at the elementary school library as well this past month or so due to our bi-yearly Scholastic Book Fair and Open House.

Even though I'm taking "fun" classes this semester, they've still been taking up a certain amount of my time. Two of my classes, Art in Childhood Education and Beginning Acting, are directly related to library programs/activities I'm getting involved in now. One of the new programs I'm starting up is an ASL (American Sign Language) storytime at one of the Pasadena Public branches. Right now, I'm teamed up with a library tech that does a family storytime on Thursday afternoons to get some on-the-job training as a volunteer. Eventually, I'll move into my own spot which will be an actual ASL storytime in the near future hopefully. It is also my hope to go to a couple of other local libraries and start up similar programs in whatever free time I still have.

In addition, I have been developing a Deaf Book Club program which will meet for the very first time next Saturday morning at the same Pasadena Public branch I'm doing storytime at. It's been a bit more work than I anticipated but I'm very excited about this new program and am enjoying the work thoroughly. Unlike the storytime which is a weekly event, this will only be a monthly event.

Last Sunday, I was able to participate in a One City, One Story event for the first time ever as I arranged to get a sign language interpreter for the finale program at the newly opened Pasadena Convention Center. I will confess that it was no easy feat getting this to happen. In the end, it was one of my friends who is studying to be an interpreter who volunteered to do the honor. I am hoping that all these things are just the beginning of what I hope for the future for the deaf/HOH and disabled within the library community. One has to start small even for big dreams.

Last but certainly not least, I've been tackling library graduate school applications as well. Between taking the MAT test, writing essays, gathering up recommendations, studying up for the GRE, it's been a whirlwind of activity to say the least. God willing, I get in at least one school. But as one of my former instructors said to me recently, "So many doors are opening up for you right now. Even if you don't get in right now, it would be a disappointment but not detrimental. And you can always apply again." So true! One thing I've learned so far is if you really want this, you can't give up that easily. This may not be an easy road but it's been one of my most enjoyable journeys so far which I don't anticipate ending anytime soon.

Stay tuned for more regular postings in the next week and an upcoming blog event to get more interaction happening here!

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C. Chambers said...

Hope your Deaf Book Club went well! Kudos on your continued accomplishments, Evelyn, and thanks for being such a beacon of innovation.