Saturday, May 23, 2009

First Days - Part I

My first year as a library aide at an elementary school (K-8) has felt like a series of first days. I have learned more than I ever expected to in these nine months that have flown by.

It's hard to believe that the school year is quickly coming to an end. But alas, it is. Next week is the last week of check-outs. After that, it's the challenge of getting all the books returned, lost book fees paid, and all those books re-shelved and organized better before I close the doors for the summer.

When I first was given the keys to the library back in September, I'll never forget my initial reaction as I walked into the library since there was no signage. "How is everything being organized? What system are they using?" I will admit there still is no signage but I have attempted to start reorganizing the library during the limited time I have the few days a week I'm there. I have put in extra hours on my own time as well in what seems a never-ending project. Coming on board to a library that has been primarily run by people who knew not much about libraries hasn't helped this dear little library which I've come quite attached to and call mine. I'm determined to get it in better shape in order to function as a more effective library and information center.

I will admit there are pros and cons to working in an elementary school library but one thing I have come to learn is the real need for its existence. Most kids at the school I work at don't have parents who take them to the public library. Outside of their classrooms, this tiny modest library is a primary means of serving their needs whatever they may be-anything from reading for pleasure, getting information for a research paper, and discovering new ideas or interests.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts in this series as I reveal more details about everyday life in an elementary school as a library aide.

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