Saturday, August 15, 2009

Book Repair and Repair Video Tutorials

One of the regrets most of us have is that there isn't time to learn all you need to in class. I have plenty of book at home that need TLC but I have sense to know not to use tape or home based glues.

For every question there is almost an answer. Or a video. Which requires an explanation. There is a niche market for the suppliers of book repair materials. Those that are smart will make videos that demonstrate how to use their product.

The first video is a demonstration from Joyce Godsley at on how to remove an old faceplate from a book. (Please note that there there is no implied or intended endorsement of the products or her company.)

There are other book repair videos. The Health Science Library at the University of Chapel Hill has one on how to make a four flap enclosure. Master Bookbinder Peter Goodwin gives a historical explanation of bookmaking in the 1800s, the reason for brittle book paper and the fate of all acid based books.

I want to give a hat tip to Acquired Books blog to point me to a free online Preservation 101 tutorial you can take to enhance your books repair skills.

Just took a look at the offering and wow, there is info on collection management, collection care and what to do when a disaster (fire, flood or earthquakes) happens to your materials. You can download .pdf copies of the instructions to build your own personal repair tool kit.

This is really good stuff. If you think you might want a little more information about library preservation check out Kevin Driedger's blog, Library Preservation.


Sabrina Nespeca said...

An authoritative resource on book repair:

If you're serious about learning from the best.

Anonymous said...

I'm really interested in restoration, bookbinding, conservation, etc...

It sucks that there are no schools or coursework in southern CA. UCLA has an archive program, but you need a graduate/undergrad.

I wish there was something for those of us who aren't there yet.

I will be joining the guild, though.

Evelyn said...

San Bernardino Valley College offers a 1 unit Care and Repair of Library Materials class for 8 weeks. Their Fall class session already started last month. But for the future, perhaps that's somewhere you can get a start in pursuing this path.

Here's a link to their program:

Hope this helps some and good luck to you!


Anonymous said...

Evelyn, you rock!!!! Yeah, I'll have to wait until it comes around again, but it is a start!

Evelyn said...

Another route you may consider is volunteering somewhere to get some exposure and experience in this area as well.


jimmy paul said...

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