Monday, August 10, 2009

Ohio University Libraries - The Business Blog

I do try to keep my other interests and avocations off of the PCC Libtech blog but sometimes my life has other plans. While looking for video blogs I discovered another librarian who uses video in his site, Library

Chad Boeninger and writes about how technology in libraries can and should be of service to the patrons.

Chad at Ohio University Libraries
Chad is also in charge at the Ohio University Library Business blog where he locates content and material to help students and faculty make sense of these financially constraining times.

One of the challenges that Chad has to face is working with reduced acquisition fund budget. He has to cut books and subscriptions in order to slash $85,000+ out of the budget.

For those of you who have taken Library 101, Library 103 and Library 104 this is the working example of not only weeding materials but also facing the fact that you no longer own a current copy of the information; it is online in a subscription based system.

That may work when the library system can pay the vendor subscription fees but if money get tight you not only loose current information but access to past history and materials as well.

It is a tough balance. In a prior video, Chad goes step by step on the reasons for canceling certain materials and invites the faculty for input.

This is a good opportunity to get insight on an academic library and real world decisions that have to be be made. As I go deeper into the blog there are screencasts that explain research skills, consumer trends, the current marketplace and those things that would support the goals of the library.

I hope that by visiting these sites it will give context to the impact that budget cuts have on libraries and patrons. It is also a good place to get an insight on how to be of technological service to staff and patron.


Anonymous said...

This is full of grammar and spelling errors: "taking", "loose", missing commas. One "solicits" input from faculty, or invites "to input"(infinitive).

Gena said...

Thank you. You are correct. There were a lot of errors in the post and I apologize. There is no excuse but sometimes I just want to write at a high rate of speed.

I've cleaned up the first wave and I'll go review it a few more times. Some of the errors will remain because, well, commas are my life challenge and I do the best I can.

Feedback is always welcomed.