Sunday, January 02, 2011

David Hoffman and Thoughts About Libraries

This is a TED video presentation by filmmaker David Hoffman. In 2008 a fire destroyed his books, photos, negatives and home.

From the TED biography page:

Documentary filmmaker David Hoffman has been capturing reality for almost 4 decades, following his wide-ranging interests and turning them into films for PBS, The Discovery Channel, A&E, National Geographic.

This is his presentation on converting his loss into a positive experience. Which begs the question; are libraries important enough to the society to save? If we believe that then what are we doing to help the general and politicized public understand why it essential to maintain a vital public library system?

This man is a collector. What he lost cannot be replaced. Libraries are living collections of what we believe to be essential information for a community to have access to and use.

What will the community lose if the doors are allowed to be bolted shut?

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