Saturday, May 22, 2010

The End of Publishing Video by DK

This is a text video with voice narration. Stay with it to the very end and then take a sigh of relief. But only for a little while. This is a video by Dorling Kindersley Books aka DK.

Book publishers have a strong vested interest in staying in business. Publishers have an equal desire to make sure that we, the public, understand that they understand our wants, needs and perceptions have changed.

DK is a publishing company in the United Kingdom that does sell book here in the U.S. Usually DK books are visual, well designed how-to books and guides. This video was originally produced for a sales meeting but word got out about it and it was released to the public.

I am of two minds about it. I think it is a great execution of an idea to see the the younger generation/electronic reading public in a new light beyond statistics.

And yet with the current levels of public discussions about history, politics and culture I worry that the only ones who truly care about the dissemination of information are the people that sell it and the caretakers that want to see it shared without bias.

In the video there is a mention of Lady Gaga as a indicator of what is important. I don't want to leave the impression that I'm picking on Lady Gaga or using her as an example of the mush that passes for brain in this country.

I think she is a brilliant performer who understands how to use the tools of communication to control her content and her distribution channels.

Libraries and the people that love them don't do as well at promotion. But I'm not gonna roll soda or beer cans in my hair either. How does a library, even a college library continue to state its importance to the communities that it serves?

How do you do that when there is no money? So this video got me thinking. I hope it does the same for you.

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