Sunday, June 13, 2010

IPL2 - Video Outreach and Services

Back in the day long before I entered the Library Technology program I knew about the Internet Public Library. It was a place to check out if they had a source or two. As the resources on the Internet have change so has the Internet Public Library.

The site has merged with Librarians Internet Index and is now a shared resource partnership among a number of library schools joining in a consortium. Now known as IPL2, it continues to have vetted lists of viable resources.

This means more goodies and zero spam. It is also another way to contact a librarian for questions and research assistance.

The special collections pages target specific areas of interest such as U.S. state information, podcasting, Deaf and hard of hearing resources and more.

Before you, Bing or Google take a moment to review IPL2 resources which still use the legacy web address

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