Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Library Tech Program Students Intern with Pasadena Digital History Collaboration

Pasadena City College Shatford Library, Pasadena Public Library and the Pasadena Museum of History are working together in a collaboration to digitize Pasadena's historical resources using CONTENTdm software. The project is known as the Pasadena Digital History Collaboration.

The PCC Foundation awarded a grant (written by PCC Library Technician Jared Burton) to fund a workshop for 10 PCC Library Technology Program students and graduates, which served as a catalyst for an internship designed to provide experience in digital asset management using OCLC’s CONTENTdm software. The paid internship started in September and will run for 12 weeks during the Fall semester. The program meets on Saturday mornings at the library and is taught by PCC Librarian Linda Stewart, formerly of OCLC. In addition to gaining experience with digital asset management software, interns are becoming skilled at scanning photographic material and creating metadata to aid in discovery and management of these special materials. Carol Cooper, PCC Cataloger, has also contributed to the project by reviewing samples of the work done by the interns and establishing subject headings for the photo descriptions.

The images that the interns are working on will be added to the online database of photos, which you can view for free at This collaboration offers a chance for the public to view rare photographs depicting Pasadena’s rich history, and the internship provides our Library Tech Program students the opportunity to acquire valuable and marketable skills as they enter the library field.

Library Tech Jared Burton with Files of Historic Photos for the Digital History Collaboration

Linda Stewart Working with Students

LT Progam Students Working Hard

Linda Stewart Working with LT Progam Students

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