Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Library Radio Network

I'm a big fan of audio and video podcasting so this is an excellent idea. The Library Radio Network allows users to listen on-line or download the programs to the mp3 or media device.

For those of us on mobile devices you can visit to stay in touch with the program. (Watch your data rate folks if you are not on an unlimited plan.)

Library Radio Network
From the announcement I received:
We are pleased to announce a new online news source for librarians called The Library Radio Network (TLRN) which will debut on February 15th.

TLRN will feature library news you can use as well as fascinating interviews with library leaders from throughout the world.

TLRN will also feature a monthly radio magazine called Library Perspectives, which will be a hosted hour-long downloadable program using the NPR format featuring interviews and segments on libraries and librarians.
This can give folks in the library biz a chance to make their case for the importance of libraries, what they are doing, what works and what needs to be re-visioned.

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Casey Ann said...

Fantastic! Thanks for posting.