Thursday, April 14, 2011

Preservation Week

If you haven't checked out the Preservation Week display in the Rotunda of the PCC Shatford Library, it will be up till April 29th. The west side of the Rotunda is dedicated to a glimpse of Pasadena City College history from how the campus went from being a high school to a community college. Memorabilia from the Archives can be viewed as well. The east side of the Rotunda focuses on the preservation and repair of materials. A slide show is also set-up showcasing pictures from PCC's history.

This display is in conjunction with the Pasadena Digital History Project which has been a collaboration between Pasadena Public Library, Pasadena Museum of History and PCC Shatford Library.

The American Library Association has more information about Preservation Week on their website. If you stop by, don't forget to grab one of the cool Preservation Week and Pasadena Digital History Project bookmarks.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds very exciting and I would like to take my Spanish I class by 9 a.m. That way they can also grab a coffee, as the class starts at 7! Maria E. Mayer