Thursday, May 19, 2011

Typical PCC Student?

During my time here on the PCC campus, I have met many students. Recently, I was having a casual conversation with a PCC student who was on the tech crew of a production I was in off-campus. He wondered why he had never seen me on campus in the two years he had been in attendance here. I mentioned that I spent a good portion of my time in the library. Imagine my shock when I heard him say that he had never ventured into the Shatford library the entire two years he has been a student here!

Of course, this made me inquire how he did his research for school. Jokingly, I asked, "I don't suppose you Google everything?" He said, "Yes, and I use Wikipedia." Right away, I started shaking my head and explained that the library has valuable tools and resources to access good sources of information. He still clung to his opinion that he did not need to come to the library.

It is my philosophy that LIB 1, which teaches basic library research skills, should be a requirement for every incoming student but we most likely would not have enough faculty on hand to accommodate all of these students. It does make me wonder how many teachers bring their classes into the Shatford library to introduce their students on how to do proper research.

With recent news of LAUSD teacher librarians having to defend their positions and other school librarians getting pink slips, students will be the ones to suffer. For those that think libraries do not have a place in schools, think again. Without libraries, students will not have access to textbooks or computers they may not be able to afford to purchase, a quiet place to study, and assistance to locating resources whether print or digital.

The typical PCC student probably does not utilize the library as much as he should but it would be nice if we could change this. What do you think could entice the average PCC student to come in to the library or at least access the library's databases at home rather than going straight to Google or Wikipedia? This is the question that I will continue to ponder and leave with you as well.

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