Saturday, December 17, 2011

At the Close of the Semester

As of today I’ve turned in my last final and my time in the PCC Library Tech Certificate program has come to a close. I could say that it has been a long, strange trip, but closer to the truth is the fact that it has been a self-fulfilling and enriching experience. I have learned finer details about librarianship that I was unaware of before starting the program. From LIB1 to LIB 105A I have had amazing teachers who were passionate about their work and wanted to impress upon their students the importance of everything from the steps of reference service to the need for customer service skills in helping patrons.

While my teachers were amazing, I also have to credit my fellow students who I have taken this journey with throughout this past year. Though we attended class tired after a long day of work and just wished to sit and absorb information a few us became friends, and shared our own unique views on the program. Part of my success in gaining the certificate was the support, outlooks, and life experience that we as students were willing to share with each other. We became more than casual classmates and were invested in the achievement and success of the strangers sitting next to us.

Each homework assignment, each quiz, each rigorous test, and each group project we spurred each other on to do our best and truly understand what our courses were trying to impart. High marks were incredibly important, but so were our opinions and views of why and how practice and procedures should be applied. That little push helped the lessons take root and become something to be acted upon, rather than just another sentence in a long book or lecture.

As the semester draws to a close please look back upon your achievements with pride. For those of you just starting the program, and for those of you who have finished, you have taken an important step in gaining knowledge in the library career field. I wish you well in the career steps you will or have begun to take. I hope you all have had a sane finals week, please enjoy your winter break.

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