Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Poetry Month: Book Spine Poetry Photo Contest

Post by: Shatford Library Student Association

National Poetry Month is coming up and what better way to celebrate than with a Book Spine Poem Contest?

What is Book Spine Poetry, you ask? This!-

Photo from here.

Since we, the Shatford Library Student Association, think this is a fun way to celebrate we are hosting a contest. Make your own spine poetry and send us a picture of it! You could even get a nice prize for it. ;-)

ONE photo per participant. Please submit your book spine poem photo to Also, please label the email "Book Spine Poem Photo Contest" and have your name in the email along with the attached picture.


1. You may use a maximum of 6 books and a minimum of 3.
2. Use only the titles of the books, please.
3. No vulgarity! This is a public, school event so keep it classy. Thanks.
4. You may use books from home, the public library, Shatford library, you name it!
5. If you use books from your library please take a pencil and paper with you to write down titles that stand out – you can go back to them later and you'd be saving the staff and the other patrons a lot of trouble.

DEADLINE: April 12, 2013.

Four finalists will be picked for you, yes- you, to vote on. First place winner will receive a Starbucks Gift Card, a Vroman's Gift Card, and a cool notebook! Runner up will receive a Starbucks Gift Card.

Have fun and be creative! If you have any more questions please feel free to post comment. We look forward to seeing your entries!


Anonymous said...

Do the books chosen have to be poetry books?

Kiri said...

No, they do not. It can be any type of book you want.

Anonymous said...

Hello, When will the photo's be up loaded?

Kiri said...

The finalists are up now!