Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Poetry Foundation Poetry App for Android and iOS

Wanting to read poetry shouldn't just be confined to April. There are times when you need a bit of Auden or a touch of Anna Marie Hong. The good news is that Smartphone and table users can download the free Poetry App from the Poetry Foundation.


You can sort by title, the first line in the poem or type in the name of the poet. Some of the poetry is in audio format so you really could listen while you work. And because we live in sociable times you could share a poem you really like via Facebook and Twitter.

I installed the app on an inexpensive tablet. It worked fine. I was able to select what I wanted to read. I did have trouble playing back the audio poems. I'm 99% sure my device is the problem but I just wanted to put it out their that there could be an issue.

So if you have wanted a way to read more Naruda or Christina Rossetti then this app could work for you.

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