Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Updated information on Library Technology Certificate Program

PCC Library Technology Certificate Program Description
Skilled paraprofessionals are needed for various levels of employment in public, academic, school and special libraries. PCC's Library Technology Certificate Program prepares students to work in the dynamic information and technology based world of libraries.

The program focuses on job-related skills and practices needed to enter and succeed in the library workplace. The program provides training for paraprofessionals entering the field and also provides continuing education opportunities for those currently employed.  Program courses, developed in consultation with library employers, cover all phases of library public services and provide training and practice in the use of library automated systems including public access, reference, cataloging, circulation, databases and Web search techniques.

Students can earn a Certificate of Achievement or an Associate in Science Degree:
  • Certificate of Achievement  
    The Pasadena City College Library Technology Certificate of Acheivement prepares students to work as highly skilled paraprofessionals in various levels of employment in public, academic, special and school libraries and information centers. The Certificate of Achievement in Library Technology requires the completion of 8 required classes (20 units).  
  • Associate in Science Degree
    Students not planning to transfer or complete a bachelor's degree can also pursue an Associate in Science degree in Library Technology by completing the 20-unit program along with general education requirements and electives for a total of 60 units.  Students are encouraged to meet with a PCC Counselor to discuss the requirements for this degree.
  • Students planning to transfer to complete a bachelor's degree are encouraged to meet with a PCC Counselor to discuss their academic goals to determine the type of Associate degree to pursue. Specific requirements vary for the types of Associate degrees. (See PCC Degree & Transfer Programs)
NOTE: the Associate in Science in Library Technology is an option but it is best for students who don’t plan to transfer because the general education requirements for the AS don’t fully meet the general education requirements of the transfer institutions, even when students are selecting only transferable courses from the AS general education pattern.  Students planning to earn a bachelor’s degree should follow the requirements of their intended transfer school making sure to consult with a counselor to ensure the one is clear on those requirements.  Students planning to continue on for a master’s degree in Library Science can pursue any major relevant for the type of library work they plan to pursue.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

A Declaration for the Right to Libraries Poster

With information oozing from all kinds of sources most people would think that there is no need for a library. Not us, because, hey we are by our very nature, are informed people.

You Can Download a PDF of the Full Poster.

ALA President Barbara Stripling wants to guide the organization to re-think how libraries service communities. This discussion has been going on for some time but it never hurts to keep chipping away at the huge amount of information illiteracy that is being pushed through our multichannel public discourse. You can find a full copy of the poster at her site.

We know that people need help in finding information that meets their needs. We know that it is important to find viable, credible sources. And we know that there are vested political and commercial interests that want keep that from happening.

So this is a reminder to all of us as to why libraries are so important.

So if you need a talking point or a reminder of why we need to master the reference interview this Declaration is as good as reason as any.